Here are some toys you can make for your pet goose, duck or chicken for hours of safe fun.

Polar Fleece Pom Pom

This is easy and inexpensive to make and only take a few minutes. No sewing, no taping, no welding. Just cut and tie.

Goose Toy Craft 1

You can purchase Polar Fleece at any fabric Store. You will only need 4 to 6 inches and yes, you can ask the store to cut that amount off your favorite color or print. The store will prorate the price, so this toy will cost less then $2 for most polar fleece fabrics.

Goose Fleece Pom Pom Craft

Take a good pair of scissors. With the fabric still factory folded, cut longways about 3/4" pieces. Cut one of the pieces into two pieces, one of the pieces should be approx. 8 - 10 " long. Put it to the side and do not wrap it with the other pieces.

Goose Fleece Pom Pom Craft 4

With the first end, the end of the fabric at the bottom of the inside of your hand, start wrapping the pieces loosely around your hand. If the fabric has a pattern, mix the colors strips in as you wrap so that the colors come out throughout your pom pom.

bird craft 6

Keep wrapping until the fleece pieces are all, except the one 8 - 10" piece is wound loosely around your hand until all the pieces are used.

Easy Knot Goose Toy For Hanging

Goose Toy Knot Craft 1

This Toy is so easy and fast to make, if you can not do this one, please do not keep a pet. <grin> You need two pieces of polar fleece. I used the selvage edges from making Goose Diaper Holders. But you can cut two pieces from fabric that are approx 3/4" - 1" thick. Any length from 8" - 21". These are 18" long.

Goose Toy Knot Craft 2

Double the lengths over in half as shown. If it is off center, still not a problem.

Goose Toy Knot Craft 3

Loop a know in the top so that you can hang it from somewhere fun your housegoose can play. You can use any type of hanger, one strap thick. A piece of elastic would be very appreciated by the goose it is being made for.

Goose Toy Knot Craft 4

Tie your knot type. It is ready to go.

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