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Indoors or out geese can make great loyal pets. They can be taught to follow you, walk on a leash, come when called, sit on your lap for petting and loving, and most geese are wonderful Guard Animals (watch dogs). If you have the room for geese they are not hard to care for. You do not need a big pond, a child's pool will thrill a goose to play in, but you do have to keep that clean. HOWEVER, geese are a lot of responsibility, especially if kept as a HouseGoose. Geese are large birds that can be very loud. How close are you to your neighbors? Read as much as you can about goose care before you decide to buy one for yourself. Try to visit someone with full grown geese if you have never been around geese. Some grow to become very large birds, up to 25 pounds. Geese are not parrots, so don't except them to act the same.

And yes, it is very true that there are now many people that keep geese in their homes like one would a housedog. HouseGeese need to be diapered and you should read as much as you can about diapering before you make that commitment. Having a goose in your home is like having an 18 month old human child, however, the goose will always be like an 18 month old child and will never outgrow the diapers or human baby like behavior.


 Dinah Thanksgiving Diaper  2012-08-23 Dinah Thanksgiving Diaper 2 2012-08-23  Thanksgiving Diaper Back  2012-08-23

Easter Eden

This site is dedicated to Eden, my first HouseGoose, as well as all the other geese in my life. Eden was quite a character, she wore diapers, came when called, did a couple of little tricks, went outdoors to play with our other geese, and bossed everyone around. For a pet goose, darned near perfect!

Geese or a goose really do make great pets. Many people think they are just mean birds that will come after them and bite. And that can be true of some geese. Usually this idea is gained by the person that has not had pets or been around farm animals. The only geese they know of are the "ones at the park". Many people only see Canadian Geese in their areas when the geese are laying or setting on eggs or goslings that they geese are very protective of. Thus, the people think all geese are like the ones they have seen for only a short time.

Pet Geese can live outdoor or in. But either way, city limit laws apply to both. So please, don't bring home a cute little gosling before you check out the laws in your area. It is not fair to the goose.

Alice, Chinese White

May 5, 2011 Cinco DeMayo

Was I ever surprised when the Post Office called this morning and said "Your ducks are in." What? Good thing Deron answered the phone and had a clue who sent them. <grin> My Dear Friends in TN, Juanita and Nichole had ordered what I can not thank them enough for! THREE FEMALE CHINESE WHITES GOSLING! (my hearts desire), TWO, LOOKS LIKE A PAIR OF ROMAN TUFF GOSLINGS! AND. YES, AND! TWO CRESTED DUCKLINGS! Oh the ducklings are tiny, the Tuffes are so adorable, and the Chinese Whites! Well, I will just say, I was never so happy to see goslings in my life! A goose, or female that is, Chinese White is the house goose I was hoping for....and now she has arrived. I get to pick from three. See Alice's photo on the Dinah Soar page.(photos coming)


Growth Recorded in an Easter Basket

Dinah Soar 2012-10

We took photos of Dinah every couple of days with the Easter Basket. As you can see she quickly became too big for the basket so I then took her photos by the basket. Holidays are noted by her outfits.

The contents of this page for Front Page is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The My Pet Goose Team
This site was set up Fri, 11 Mar 2011 It is/was a Birthday Gift to me from my husband Deron to encourage me to buy a new HouseGoose and move on after the devastation of loosing my sweet Eden last fall. Thanks Deron! You are a sweetheart.

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