Deron and I are fortunate enough to live way out on the Prairie and own many animals. Yes, we do have outdoor geese, ducks, chickens and other farm animals. Our animals interact and in fact hang out together. When you walk out you might see the geese grazing with the goats, the duck napping with the llamas, or any number of things that that they might do living in the same area. The only animals that we have had trouble with our geese are our own Siberian Huskies.

Outdoor geese do not necessarily need a large pond, but they do need a child's pool or large troft the drink out of and play and bathe in. They need shelter, not necessarily fancy, but dry and warm with no drafts. Geese can stand cold or hot if they are taken care of correctly.

When cold they need a nice warm shelter that does not leak or have any moisture within it. When the temperatures are very cold, geese really appreciate hay on the floor, and might even go back into the shelter during the day and eat that hay bedding. Be sure to feed your outdoor geese very well in the cold weather and add cracked or whole corn to their diet for those extra calories they need. Make sure to take them tepid water two or three times a day in a bucket big enough for them to get their heads down into, but not large enough for them to get into. If you have a pond, count heads often to make sure no goose or geese are stuck out on it. Have a pole, if possible, with a net so that you can stand safely at shore and scoop up any goose that might need a rescue.

When it is hot outdoors and you have your air conditioner running inside your house, keep your geese in mind. Make sure they have fresh water to drink, play and bathe in. Geese can stand hot weather, but must have a shady place to hang out. The shady area needs to be large enough for your flock to spread out and even play in. Don't bother your hot geese during the hottest point of the day. Feed early and or late on those hot summer days. And geese LOVE to graze in the grass and eat bugs and all that summer fun!

Geese Mechanics

Our geese love to be near us. They also have an opinion on everything we do. We call this group "The Committee", they "talk" amongst themselves then they "tell" us in a loud voice what they have decided. We get such a kick out of them. When Deron was working on the truck they followed him from side to side, and tried to tell him how to fix it, or that's sure what it seemed.

Our geese are free range. We are blessed to live where they are able to do this safely. We also own llamas and donkeys and dogs that so far have kept predators away. If we did not have the other animals, there is a good chance that coyotes and fox as well as badgers and other predators would come kill and eat our outdoor birds where we live. Know what predators live in your area and if you do not have protection for your birds, keep them in a pen/cage to keep them safe. Our birds grow to full size sleeping in cages at night here. Some of the smaller birds have lids on their cages. As they mature they are let out during the day and called to the pens in the evenings (with a bit of grain of course).

more to come

The contents of this page for OUR OUTDOOR GEESE is still under construction. Please check back later!

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