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Whos Pond Has These Boots Been In?

Goose Diapers, Duck Diapers, Chicken Diapers, yes, it is true! Geese, house Goose, Ducks, and Chick and Chickens wearing a Diaper placed in a Diaper Holder make just for them. I am sure there is a Turkey or two and perhaps a Guinea Hen, as well many Parrots, that all wear diapers and live in people houses. How does the diaper stay on the bird? With a diaper holder harness. There are several types and some are better for one species of bird then another, but they really do work and allow your bird freedom in your home.

We started making bird Diaper Holders for our own House Birds. We use patterns we designed that worked well for us, then we started making them to sell so that other House Bird Owner's lives would be easier AND CLEANER! Keep reading to learn more about House Bird Diapers. Please visit our On Line Store to see the type we make. Our patterns were the first to include liners, for adult birds, that one can take in and out of the Diaper Holder for washing keeping the Diaper Holder usable for a longer amount of time between washings. We also make them into costumes with Pirate Hats, Santa Suits and more.

PLEASE NOTE: WITH OUR DIAPER HOLDERS FOR ADULT BIRDS YOU CAN USE THE DIAPER HOLDER AS IS AND JUST RINSE OUT THE LINERS, OR! YOU CAN LINE THE DIAPER HOLDERS WITH FOLDED NEWSPAPER, SCRAP FABRIC (like cutting up an old T-Shirt into throw away diaper liners), OR YOU CAN CHOOSE TO LINE THEM WITH A HUMAN BABY DIAPER OR KOTEX OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT WORKS FOR YOU! I make our Diaper Holders with as little as possible on the bird with as much as it needs to take care of what it takes care of. Think Bikini.

Dinah Blue Zebra 2012-02-17

Orange w/ Tie Dye Print Hatchling Diaper Holder

The most important thing to remember is that the diaper holder needs to fit the bird correctly. It needs to fit snug but allow movement. And you have to line it with something. Most folks use sanitary pads and or baby diapers. For some birds you can cut the actual diaper (pad or whatever you use) in half. I have designed an environment friendly diaper for geese, ducks and chickens to use for our own birds and to sell in our on line store. The type I have designed allows the owner to use a folded (the shiny ads work best) piece of newspaper to catch the mess keeping disposable napkins and diapers out of the environment and costing the bird's owner nothing to line the Diaper Holder other then something that was going to be thrown out anyway. However, the same Diaper Holder will certainly hold the disposable napkins and or diapers if you prefer to use them.

Amazingly baby fowl, especially geese can use those beaks to "undo" things. Your diaper holder needs to close well enough that the bird wearing it can not open the closure. Chickens might be able to use velcro, geese will unfasten it and pull the diaper holder off and perhaps pull the diaper out. The fastener also needs to be safe, no sharp edges, nothing that might come off and choke your bird. Also remember that a shiny fastener will attract the birds attention and they will pick at it more then one that is not shiny. A safety pin would not be a wise or safe choice.

Baby Fowl grow quickly, so you will need several sizes of diaper holders. Many will be adjustable to a point, but you need to make sure, again, that the diaper hold fits well and holds the contents securely.

Tilly In Frilly

You will also want to own more then one diaper holder so that if one gets soiled you have a back up. Most can be rinsed out and some you will be able to put right back on the bird. Cotton fabrics will not allow you to do that, the diaper will become wet from the fabric. You might also want a nicer diaper holder kept back so that when your bird goes visiting or to the pet store, gets it's photo taken or such, it has a nice outfit that will show off your pet well. Holiday print diaper holders are cute too.

When a Fowl Diaper Becomes Foul. You will need to change the birds diaper when needed. How often? It depends on the bird, what the bird has been eating, and the type/species of bird it is.

Most bird diaper holders are designed for the bird to be changed easily and so that the "mess" stays in the diaper for easy and clean handling. If you are using a disposable sanitary napkin or diaper that needs to be cut in half, or folded or have the backing taken off, have that done and the diaper liner ready before going and getting the bird. It is also a good idea to have an extra diaper holder right there in case you need to change it out too.

Dispose of the "contents" from the and or the diaper right away. Do not put this in a open container that your dog and or cat might have access to. Yes, it is gross to us humans, but such a treat for a canine! If you have a compost pile you can also put the bird poop there.

Change your bird as often as it is soiled. For some birds, that might mean several, 8 - 12 per day. Keeping your pet clean is not only sanitary, it helps keep your bird healthy.


much more to come about diapers and changing them and making sure your house bird is clean


Reusable Goose Diaper

I used cloth diapers for my three human sons. Not only are throw away diapers expensive, they ruin the environment! I could get on my "High Horse" right now and tell you how discussed I get with the TV commercials of actors and actresses telling us all to use better light bulb and to turn off the water while we brush our teeth....and that is important but five will get you ten each and everyone of them are using disposable diapers on their babies and disposable sanitary pads for all the females of that age in their homes as well as dye their hair and dump that into our water systems. If everyone in the world would stop using these types disposable items, we would not only have less trash piles up....but think about what is wrapped up in that plastic then thrown out!

So, since I do not use those products for people I sure wasn't going to for my goose for life. I did use 1/2 pantie liner in the baby gosling diapers....still working on that one. I have designed pulling and driving harnesses for dogs and goats, I have designed clothing for pet rats, hamsters, gerbils and even mice....so I started trying to figure out how to make a diaper holder harness that I could design a cloth diaper that would stay in place and also hold a piece of newspaper folded so that I could easily lift out the poop and use the cloth diaper, before washing it, as long as possible.

Reusable Goose Diaper

This is what I came up with. This diaper holder will grow with Eden, our pet house goose pictured here, for a while. It has elastic at the shoulder and seems to work well. We got a kick out of her when we first put it on her...she was unbalanced. She has been wearing a very light weight polar fleece diaper holder and this new idea has several layers of fabric with two layers, on sewn into the diaper holder, the other in the diaper of waterproof fabric. The cloth diaper has two layers of cotton print of over polar fleece and is wrapped/sewn into the waterproof fabric. Eden only took a few moments to gain her barrings and run around and do all the normal things she does!

NO! You do not have to use the newspaper in the Diaper Holders I make. You can use the liners alone and just rinse them out, cut a piece of fabric from some clothing item you are throwing away (it will break down into the environment better then the plastic will) OR! You could certainly use a disposable human baby diaper or kotex it you choose to.

The pink curling on with the webbing is caused by the elastic sewn in for sizing. She is growing so quickly this will allow the diaper holder to fit a bit longer.

After much product testing here and in TN (a good friend with a house goose) we now offer our Diaper Holders, some with a ring for a leash, for sale in our on line store.

Purple w/ Zebra Print Gosling Diaper Purple w/ Zebra Print Gosling Diaper Eden Modelling

Diapered Eden

As you can see, this is not a very good photo. But I am trying to take photos along the way to Eden's adult size so that you can see that, as the goose grows, so needs the diaper holder to.


Blue w/ Zebra Print Chicken Diaper Blue w/ Zebra Print Chicken Diaper

I am trying to find ways to do away with using disposable sanitary napkins and or disposition diapers for fowl. I am working on using items that can be washed and or will break down easily in the environment (trash pile) when thrown away. Newspaper, folded correctly and tucked into the removable waterproof liners, is working well for my birds. Everyone has access to newspaper and it breaks down well, even full of poop, in the environment.

You can see in the photos how the pouches are shaped. Yes, yes, I know <she grins> that the photo has 1/2 of a pantie liner laying next to it. I had taken the photo before coming up with the newspaper and waterproof liner idea....but, of course you could also use the pantie and or disposable diapers with our Chicken, Duck or Goose Diaper Holders. (read about the goose diapers for more information on GREEN BIRD DIAPERS.

Ellie April Modelling

This Chicken Diaper Holder that I have made is lined with a waterproof fabric that will host a piece of newspaper that is folded to fit in a cup shape. The newspaper will catch the poop and absorb the liquids, then you can toss the newspaper and reline your diaper holder.

Ellie April Modelling

I know there are many people that feel as I do...that disposable sanitary napkins and or disposable diapers are not only expensive, but also have no place in the environment wrapping up...well, the nasty "stuff" that they do. Once I get this all figured out. Once I get the Chicken Diaper Holder made that will fit right and be comfortable for the chicken, I will have them for sale in our on line store. We offer many animal items there now adding these will just be fun.

Chick Diaper Fitting Buffster

This little cockerel is Buffster. This is him working with me on a fitting for the little bitty chickens/chicks, so that they can sit on laps and run around the house too. (please do not tell this little cockerel that he is wearing pink in the one photo <shhhhhhhhh>) As you can see, we make the Diaper Holders for Chickens, Ducks and Geese in all sizes.

We bought Buffster to live with our five Buff Orpington poulettes when they all get a bit older and of course bigger.

much more to come about diapers and changing them and making sure your house bird is clean


Diapered Splash

I finally figured out the best diaper holder pattern for our ducks/ducklings that will fit the birds well. As you can see from Splash, our duckling here in the photo, I kept working on it.

I have designed our diaper holders so that they have cloth waterproof and cotton print liners that velcro to the holder. This way, if one liner would get soiled you can change it out easily. I am also looking for and trying different liners for the inside, like newspaper, that is easy use, less expensive then disposable diapers or sanitary napkins, that will brake down in the environment, to use to line the diaper holder's cloth liner. Check back for more information.

China Modeling

As your duck grows you will need larger sized diapers. The diaper holder needs to fit well, allow your duck to move freely, catch the mess, and be easy to put on and easy to change the liner when needed.


Diapers on the line

The type of Bird Diaper Holders that we make are machine or hand washable. So are the cloth liners that come with the diaper holder. They do get dirty. I have found that the diaper holders get more wet on the outside then in. Our housegoose tends to spill drinking water then set there in it getting the front and underside of her diaper holder wet. Well, she is "water fowl".

We wash the diaper holders both by hand (when needed quickly) and in the washing machine. Depending on the fabric of course, but most should be washed in cold or warm water. I load our bird's diaper holders in with our towels. I hang all of our clothing, and I recommend you hang your bird diaper holders to extend the life of it. It will also look better, last longer, if you hang on the line or laid flat rather then machine drying them. We have found that to be true for all of our clothing.


Diapered Ty Goose Diapered Ty Goose

We have designed and are making Diaper Holder Harnesses for Geese, Ducks and Chickens. We will have more of a variety as we "product test" them with our own birds. We do not make and or sell items that we ourselves do not use. We will be making more items as we go and as our birds wear and "test" our items. Please check out On Line Store to see what is up there for sale right now.

We not only sell the diaper holders but also other fun and functional animal related items as well as animal shaped jewelry. Yes, we do sell the Ty Heart Goose sold wearing a Goose Diaper Holder. We hope you will take a look.

Also: Please notice that we will be hosting a Photo Contests with Prizes! Our prizes will often be Diaper Holders. It may be one time for a goose and the next time for a chicken, check back often and enter with the bird that is featured for that contest. THANKS!


Duck Diaper Construction

I have had people say to me they think that bird Diaper Holders are too expensive. Well. Then that person should try making their own QUALITY Diaper Holders and see what the costs are for materials.

Our Diaper Holders are made from our own patterns. We designed them for our own birds. Our Diaper Holders and most others have a variety of not so inexpensive materials to put them together. I buy cute fabric, not cheap fabric. I line not only the inside of the poop pouch with waterproof fabric, but also each of the two liners that fit down into the pouch to make the time before washing the entire holder for longer use on the bird. I use a large, approx. 3" piece, of thick velcro (not the cheap skinny stuff) in the pouch as well as each liner so that the liners are sure to stay in place for less mess. There is a thick piece of elastic to make the Diaper Holders comfortable for the bird wearing them as well as a nice piece of polar fleece in the front and under each strap with the buckle lays for the comfort of the bird. Each Bird Diaper Holder is made with at least one NON SHINY (so the birds eyes are not drawn to them to pick at it) High Impact 1" slide and a High Impact Side Release Adjustable Buckle that is also NON SHINY for easy adjustments and fast changing. All the parts we use are for the comfort and safety of the Bird wearing them. Many times I add lace or other trimmings as well as a handcrafted hat or a hand trimmed hat. Add to the materials over an hours time to make the Diaper Holder and the thread, wrapping, website costs, advertising, and packaging to mail them to a buyer, and no one is getting wealthy making and selling bird Diaper Holders and selling them.


If you have seen the idea of using a sock to make a gosling or duckling Diaper Holder. Sock diaper holders, in my opinion, are not good for the goslings bones. They are VERY cute, but do not have ajustability offered in most gosling/duckling Diaper Holders and socks have some give, but not a lot. When used, the sock needs to be too tight around the birds body to stay on and hold the diaper and that sock holder pull down and back (from what I have seen in the photos) on the goslings growing wing bones. I believe there will be some people talking about angel wing and wondering how their birds developed it.




You can see from the photos the freedom of movement of the birds wearing them. Many of the diaper holders in these photos have been washed, washed and washed again. You might also notice that the diaper holders hold up long enough after wearing and washing and wearing and washing that they can be handed down to younger birds.

We will, of course, be adding photos from time to time as we snap those photos of our birds in diapers.

Disco Duck Diapered Toulouse Wolf Shall Dwell With The Lamb China Modeling Eden With Her Wiggle Worm Eden's New Duds Diapered Eden Dinah Learning to come When Called 2 Dinah in Red Hearts Diaper Holder~2~ 2012-02-17

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